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      SERVICE AND PARTS          
      Wheeler Technologies provides preventative and emergency service, as well as spare and replacement parts for all equipment related to the converting, recycling and scrap processing industries. Our goal is to maintain an ongoing relationship with your company to allow the equipment installed within your plant to operate at the highest performance standards.      

Preventative Maintenance

  • Miscellaneous American Baler parts and othersRegular preventative maintenance evaluations allow our service technicians to thoroughly inspect your equipment to identify signs of wear and other potential problems.
  • Available in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual increments.

Emergency Service

  • We are available for on-site, telephone or modem assessment of your equipment.
  • We insure that the parts and equipment required are available for the technicians to expedite the completion of your service.

Spare Parts

  • Spare parts inventory is highly recommended for all equipment in any plant. We will help you determine which parts should be kept at your facility to minimize downtime and to reduce spare parts inventory.

Replacement Parts

  • Our qualified staff will determine which parts are required and arrange for their expedited delivery.
  • Replacement parts as well as spare parts and most after market needs are available by emergency or normal delivery.

For more details or to arrange for Service or Parts, call 800-860-6011 or send e-mail to


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